Supreme Garcinia Cambogia

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia is a dietary supplement made by an American company known as Wellness Bioscience. This company does not offer any other products, but it promotes only this dietary supplement. They say that this brand contains 100% natural pure ingredients. For this reason, it is not expected to cause any side effects. Garcinia Cambogia is made in a laboratory that claims to follow cGMP manufacturing standards, however, this claim cannot be checked. So, you are never sure that you are taking a high quality product. Each diet pill contains 500mg hydroxycitric acid, a 60% hydroxycitric acid content. Few supplements offer 60% HCA, so it is expected that you will get some weight loss effect. In addition, Supreme Garcinia Cambogia promises to reduce your appetite, improve your mood, reduce fat formation, decrease your cholesterol levels and increase your energy levels. The product was released in 2015 and the company behind it is not reputable. It has an official website with a number of positive customer comments. But let's find out whether the supplement really works by looking at its ingredients.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

My first concern about Supreme Garcinia Cambogia is the fraudulent charges. Many customers report that their credit cards were billed significant sums of money after they ordered the free trial of this diet product. One person said that he ordered the free trial Supreme Garcinia Cambogia and paid the shipping. But then he revealed that he was charged $268 on his credit card.

A number of users commented that this supplement isn't effective at all. As it was already mentioned, the core component of the product is garcinia cambogia fruit extract, however, it has not been proven to promote weight reduction. Some customers have used Supreme Garcinia Cambogia for about two or three months but they have not seen any weight-loss results. It is difficult to find any positive reviews of the supplement. The fruit extract contained in the product doesn't seem to block one's appetite.

Finally, no scientific evidence is provided neither on the official website, nor on any other sources. Unfortunately, I failed to find any documented science that supports Supreme Garcinia Cambogia. This is a big red flag. There is a number of users' reviews online with complaints about the company's payment schemes, low quality and ineffectiveness of the product. Many people call their activity fraud and do not recommend the product.

"I ordered a free bottle of Supreme GarciniaCambogia (90 pills) and I got the diet pills four days later. I was told that I had to pay additional 48$. I did it. But I am not satisfied with the pills as I haven't lost a pound."

"Supreme garcinia cambogia is a scam. They said that I would have to pay just for the shipping and get a 30-day trail. So I did but they took much more money from my card. Don't believe them. They get your card number and use it as they wish."

"Supreme Garcinia Cambogia is too sketchy. I experienced unpleasant side effects while using it. When I was ordering my free trial they asked me for my personal information. They told me I had to pay for shipping only. In fact, I was charged about $50."

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